A Company at Play

Research and Development

We are a playful company seriously committed to sparking creative and executive skills in children. Masters in Play’ R&D explores new directions and opportunities for the company to put our own process and manifesto in action. Its scope ranges from exploring possibilities in experience design to product, high to low technology and physical to digital production. We’re committed to creating our own think tank where we embark on a circular design process to find ways to improve and grow. It is through design research and its development that we show our continuous commitment to finding and creating new ways to provide children with executive strategies and creative confidence.

A little risk is one of the prime elements of play. If we encourage children to play and leave their comfort zones to learn, we must be practicing this too. Our R&D is exactly this – the commitment to apply and experiment with our play process across Masters in Play to achieve our goals.

Building Masters in Play is the result of independent research and experience in the fields of education and design. However we were also deeply inspired by the work of many designers, educators and researchers around the world. Thank you.

Just as we build our work on the ideas of others,  please feel free to use our work too. We licensed our site under the Creative Commons License.  Creative Commons License

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