Built Through Play



How can we use paint to tell a great story?
Printing + Illustration + Textils + Storytelling

During this workshop we tap into the world of Printing. Through demonstrations and exercises children become familiar with printing techniques as they…

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How can we enable financial savviness at a young age?
Business + Economics + Finance + Nutrition

During this workshop we tinker with the world of business, finance and microeconomics while also playing with nutrition. This is a hands-on game based workshop…

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What if I was ________?
Qualitative Research Skills + Rapid Prototyping + Empathy

During this workshop we’re full time makers. We tap into the world of empathy and think about what it would be like to live in someone else’s shoes…

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How can we use design to joyfully impact our family lives?
Ceramics + Product Design + Anthropology

During this workshop we tap into the world of ceramics with a spark of anthropology. This is a hands-on ceramics workshop where children depart from ceramic skills and…

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What if I lived in a Science Lab?
Biology + Chemistery + Engineering + Anthropology

During this workshop we tap into the world of the sciences with a spark of anthropology. This is a hands-on science workshop where children use household objects to answer…

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Knitting and Textiles

How can we make knitting cool?
Textiles + Performance Art

During this workshop children will experiment with the universe of textiles. Through demonstrations and exercises we will play with various knitting techniques such as crochet, tube knitting and finger knitting – literally using our own fingers as tools! Children will…


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How can we use materials to explore our ideas?
Fine Arts + Engineering + Architecture

During this workshop we tap into the world of sculpture and architecture. This is a hands-on sculpture workshop where children play with diverse materials to build and create.
Together we will analyze…

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Into the Wild

What if we go on nature adventures?
Environmental Studies + Circular Design

This is a game based workshop where children tap into nature to become makers. While engaging with the Masters in Play process children understand the importance of taking…

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How can we experience narratives differently?
Literature + Painting + Design + Drama

During this workshop we dive into the world of storytelling. Each day we read a new story and think about the questions it asks and answers. Together we discuss themes and ideas. But this is no ordinary…

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After School Activities

Carousel workshops
All subject areas

The Masters in Play after-school activity happens once a week and joins together all our workshops on a carousel basis. Typically we recommend that two to three subject areas are explored per term, however this may be co-designed specifically with…

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An out of the ordinary workshop

What questions would you like to explore?
All subject areas

We design custom and out of the ordinary tailored workshops for your school or organization. If there is a specific theme, idea or question you’d like to explore using the Masters in Play…

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Birthday Parties

Co-designing with kids
All subject areas

After a lot of requests by children we have decided to take the Masters in Play experiences to birthday parties. Children may choose the activities they wish to carry out during their party. Birthday party experiences…

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