My son/daughters’ school does not offer MiP experiences. Does Masters in Play carry out workshops/experiences at their headquarters?


We’re working on this. At the moment our headquarters are too small to carry out MiP activities. As parents/guardians please share your interest in Masters in Play a your son/daughter’s school. We’ll gladly get in touch. In the meanwhile we promise we’ll work on this request.


I have the necessary space, can I host an MiP workshop?


Yes. We can either rent out a space to carry out our workshops or go to your place. As long as you meet the minimum number of participants required we will gladly help you put on an MiP event.


I’d like to host your workshop but for a different age group then recommended. Is this possible?


Yes. That’s okay. All our workshops can be adapted. Please just take into account that this may involve extra work and time. Feel free to get in touch!


I’d like to host your workshop but with a different time frame. Is this possible?


Yes. That’s possible too. We can shorten our workshops or prolongue them. It all depends on your goals and needs. Just get in touch and we’ll co-design them together.


I’d like to host your workshop but with a theme. Is this possible?


Absolutely yes. We can apply our process to any theme you find interesting. We can tailor our process to your individual/organizations’ needs. Please reach out to us and we’ll make it happen! Become MiPeers yourselves and let’s co-design together.


Can adults participate in MiP workshops?


In the words of C.S Lewis:
“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest”.
We’re ready to design workshops and events for adults who feel they need some creative confidence! Get in touch!


Can MiP activities be carried out in adult organizations?


Yes. We think everyone will benefit from the MiP experience. We’re not all soppy: “think-like-a-child and throw-a-tantrum mindset” please, your running companies. But we do believe that serious people that talk cash flows, burn rates and EBITDAs will benefit from a makers afternoon/event where you can better understand the processes of creativity and imagination. We can adapt and implement our MiP process according to your organizations’ vision, purpose and needs. Get in touch!