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How can we enable financial savviness at a young age? Business + Economics + Finance + Nutrition

During this workshop we tinker with the world of business, finance and microeconomics while also playing with nutrition. This is a hands-on game based workshop where children learn and apply microeconomics and finance concepts to create and put in practice a family budget. During the first phase of the game each family (team) will play with the fundamental questions of microeconomics to create their own family budgets. Concepts introduced include: budgeting, scarcity, possibilities and opportunity cost. The second phase of the game tests each teams assumptions. They act out their family budgets and put them in practice. Just as in the real world there will be unplanned contingencies like a rush to the hospital due to too many sweets as well as pleasant surprises like an unexpected bonus for excellent work.

After playing with the MiP process children will end each day by reflecting on their team’s choices. Healthy nutrition choices are emphasized and provide a dynamic starting point to tangibly show the impact of our choices.


10+ (Similar age groups are encouraged)


1 week

Available Dates

Available Soon – Summer 2017

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23 May, 2016