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Into the Wild


What if we go on nature adventures? Environmental Studies + Circular Design

This is a game based workshop where children tap into nature to become makers. While engaging with the MiP process children understand the importance of taking care of the environment. Everything used and created in this workshop is made out of recycled material. Children make their own tools such as paint brushes out of leaves and nature journals out of recycled paper bags. Everyday begins with a scavenger hunt where children find their own workshop materials while exploring the environment. Through various games, children learn about nature, but most importantly learn how to use it in a circular way. As well as thinking about ways in which we can obtain materials in an ethical way we also encourage children to think about ways in which their creations can be used afterwards. We practice for design evolution and get children thinking about the future of their creations within a circular driven framework.


3+ (Similar age groups are encouraged)


1 week

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23 May, 2016