The Manifesto

We cover all clocks and remove all watches. We play without knowing the constraints of time.


We puncture pretentiousness. Sometimes we laugh when we are not supposed to be laughing. We are here to play, for the sake of playing.


We dance jigs of joy. We risk curiosity and wonder.


We believe in magic but also recognize that magic is a process. A process of playful hard work. We use our eyes, our minds, our hands and our hearts at full speed.


We’re Askers. We plan, arrange and re-arrange. We build connections. We give ourselves and others permission to experiment and remember that good stories have rough histories. We always take chances.


We improvise wildly, especially when we are stuck. We never give up. We’re outrageous about the things we make.


We are a family of makers. We are delighted when what we’ve made is completely unrecognizable from the materials we started with. We make things together. We share experiences. We support each other.


We laugh at ourselves and our mistakes. We recognize this as an important part of stumbling upon the magic of novelty. Being rigid is not allowed – Unless we’re experimenting to see how rigidity works, in which case it’s ok.


We know that in life it is not often clear whether we are winning or losing, but we remember to always play. With patience and playfulness we are more prepared to meet life’s varied and ambiguous challenges


We have the courage to go to places we have never been before. Because play is going places. We will use the humor, irony and joy of the world to always allow ourselves to be beginners.


We use play to make it through discomfort. We are optimistic and hopeful despite our setbacks. No matter what happens we will design our way to something fun.


We understand that when we play we become part of something greater than ourselves.