The Players


As a company we are committed to creating new experiences and finding new ways in which children may be provided with the encouragement to put creative and executive skills in action. All of our workshops are co-designed with experts in each field. Our team is eclectic and we are all connected by the common interest of inspiring children to grow up as adults with unstoppable curiosity and optimism both in dealing with adversity and success.


Filipa Castro

Professor & Consultant in Finance

Filipa studied Economics at Nova SBE and has an MBA from Columbia University, New York. Filipa co-designs our Business and Finance workshops with us. She’s a natural problem solver and brings in her vast skill set and experience in consulting and teaching to make sure we’re raising financially savvy kids. She’s committed to making sure that learning spurs from questioning and experimenting and she truly can’t decide what she loves more - dark chocolate or derivatives. She's the mother of a curious one year old and raising a family got her thinking: “How can we get kids thinking about money in a healthy way?” and “What if we made a connection between healthy eating habits and healthy money habits, where would that take us?” We're so, so lucky to have her around.


Rita Infante da Câmara

Interior Designer and Ceramist

As a MiPeer Rita is responsible for helping us co-design all our ceramic workshops. As well as collaborating with Masters in Play, Rita has her own ceramic label called RIC and she also does freelance interior design projects. She grew up on a farm in Buenos Aires with her family. Local artisans and vernacular culture have deeply influenced her work. She combines these traditional designs with a meticulous approach to her subject. She constantly plays within the realm of these two truths, working within the tension between tradition and innovation. She’s a firm believer in collaboration and in learning by getting your hands dirty. She loves the ocean, mathematics, anthropology, cooking and her family, not necessarily in that order.


Janis Dellarte

Artist and Expert Crochet Knitter

Meet Janis. Janis has graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Knitted Textiles. She’s somewhat of a globetrotter. Travel is essential for her creative work. She’s traveled to Tibet on a scholarship to teach traditional techniques and spent long periods of time in India with local artisans. She lived in Madrid, London and New York before settling in Lisbon. Her work has been exhibited in London, Brazil, Lisbon and New York. We feel lucky that she’s decided to settle for the beautiful streets of Lisbon. She’s our knitting and textiles expert and you can trust us when we say we’re not just knitting sweaters here. We’re actually making stuff like something out of an Alice and Wonderland scene – laughter, wool and play are always a very good combo.


Teresa Braula Reis


Teresa was born in Lisbon and has an MA in Fine Arts from Central St. Martins. Teresa participates in numerous collective exhibitions and is a 2015 EDP New Artists Award nominee. Teresa is particularly interested in the power and vulnerability of materials and she uses the objects she creates to explore complex ideas about society and the world. At Masters in Play she’s committed to creating meaningful experiences for kids by co-designing the Sculpture workshops with us. She brings us a lot of experience from the Fine Arts. She's the right mix of artist, architect and inventor. She has a true MiP mindset! Teresa has the coolest dog on the planet. Norah always comes along to MIP meetings. We’re glad to have them both around.




Matilde is our youngest MiPeer. Matilde is a non-executive MiPeer because she’s still finishing school. However because we design for kids we take her opinion seriously. She offers precious insight about what is important to her and her community. We believe that to make our ideas real we need to make them real for kids too. And, well, Matilde is much better than any of us at social media ☺



Expert Joy (and fur) Spreader

Fellini is the best MiPeer to have around when things go wrong. In his company we get right back on our feet. He’s our expert at joy spreading!


We have worked with schools, museums, organizations and private clients. All our clients shared the purpose of offering experiences that mentored creativity and executive skills in a playful and relaxed environment.