The Playhouse


Luisa Andrade Dias

I’m a designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I founded
and run Masters in Play. My work at Masters in Play
explores how play can spark creativity and resilience
across diverse subject areas.

As children get older they begin to worry about being judged about what they create. My hope is that these play experiences plant the initial seeds of courage and confidence that allow children to grow into adults that experiment with new ideas and are creatively resilient.

I’m particularly interested in what results when you eclectically play with subjects and connect seemingly unconnected ideas. For example what happens when Finance and Art come together or when you join Science and Architecture. These clashes are my brain’s play queues. If you’re wondering or care about my educational background I got my BA in interior design in Lisbon but I began to really tap into my play state in London. I attended Bartlett’s Architecture Summer School and then completed a Masters in Applied Imagination at Central St. Martins, University of London.

If LinkedIn type of information is not your thing, you might care to know that I can listen to The National on loop or that I love colored markers, Khan Academy and cheese. Almost any kind of cheese.

I believe everyone is creative, curious and playful. I believe there is as much play in creating formulas for a particularly efficient excel sheet as there is play in a novel laboratory experiment or in making up the strategy of a football game. I believe every great venture is born out of play. Every new idea, every great artist, every rock star, every amazing scientist and every top CEO is essentially at play. I believe play is at the center of innovation and success. Play enriches us, and it brings to life the personal and professional structures that surround us. I believe that to take our relationships, families, schools and organizations forward we must start with play.

Who and Why

Masters in Play is a company committed to kindling creativity and executive skills through play. We are a playhouse. We design experiences across various subject areas where we inspire kids to use their innate play abilities to learn about the world around them. We go to any school, museum and organization that feels they need the perfect mix of goofing around and serious play. We also create custom and out-of-the ordinary events for organizations and families.

Play is a state of mind that enables understanding and confidence. We want to explore it and create memories of how to use it, so that coming back to it as a tool for thought is natural throughout life. We hope that the Masters in Play experiences enable kids to use the design process as a life skill whether they become a stay-at-home dad/mom or the next Elon Musk.

Masters in Play theoretically relies on the design process to put these ideas in action but we’ve also gained a lot of inspiration from the work of numerous educators, researchers, psychologists, artists and just interesting ordinary people.

During our workshops we value the journey above all else. At Masters in Play we give permission to play because we believe that playing eventually leads to understanding. We know this way of thinking is useful when we’re making the world go round but most of all its incredibly useful when we want to make the world go forward

The Process

Our workshops are designed with the purpose of providing children with a
strategy and skill set to practice inquiry, experimentation, creativity and grit. Our play system is divided into 4 steps: Play, Make, Try and

If you’d like to know more about our process and how we work/play get in touch!

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